Gayety Productions Incorporated Terms and Conditions

Gayety Productions Incorporated Terms of Service

This TOS becomes a binding agreement when one or more of the following conditions are met:

1.An estimate has been sent to applicant.
2.Written approval of estimate and/ or this TOS being signed by applicant.
3.Deposit has been made for subsequent invoice.


Your event will be promoted with the following included in the rental of
The Historical Gayety Theatre:

*Please note that Gayety Productions Inc. will help promote any event to the best of it ability. Rental of the theatre still requires the promoter or event organizer to sell their show. The Historic Gayety Theatre is a rental venue and does not guarantee ticket sales.

Ticket Discounts: Ticket Discounts are available to purchasers if they are buying tickets over a quantity of 10. This starts at 10%/ ticket. This can be set up on a per-show bases to a different amount at the Applicants discretion

WEBSITE: initial set up, requirements are a jpg file picture with write up of not greater than 150 words showing time and cost. Email the information that you would like included on The Historic Gayety Theatre website to If you wish to have an image included, it must be supplied with this email. Please note that it may take 2 – 3 business days for your event to be added to the website from receipt of your email.

FACEBOOK: Please Set-up your event on the event’s Facebook page and set The Historic Gayety Theatre as a co-host by adding us under the co-host tab using “@gayetytheatre”.
Once we receive the invite it will be added to the Gayety Theatre Facebook page.

THEATRE MARQUEE: Please note that your event will be posted on the Theatre marquee as early as is possible and is dependent on other events booked at the Theatre. There is limited space, so be brief (35 characters max – 1 line only). The most pertinent information will be used depending on the space available.

NEWSLETTER: A bi-monthly newsletter will be sent out to The Historic Gayety Theatre mailing list. Your event will be included on the Newsletter based on what is coming up in the following months.

All ticketing must be arranged through Gayety Productions Incorporated.
Ticketing is provided by Ticketwise as a service to Gayety Productions Inc. Service fees are deducted from all ticket sales.

1) Ticket pricing is set up as the following:

a) Ticket Base price is inclusive of HST
(HST number is required to collect, if no HST number is provided Gayety Productions inc. will remit it to the government on behalf of the applicant)
b) A ticket system service charge based on the rate schedule below is added to the checkout of the ticket purchaser. This charge covers services provided by Tickewise and are non-negotiable
c) A facility charge based on the rate schedule below is added to the checkout of the ticket purchaser. This charge covers Payment processing at the venue and one staff member to handle tickets for the event. This charge is non-negotiable.

Ticket Pricing examples:
Base Price Profit HST Service Fee Facility Fee Total
$12.00 $10.44 $1.56 $2.00 $2.70 $16.70
$25.00 $21.75 $3.25 $3.00 $3.60 $31.60
$30.00 $26.10 $3.90 $3.00 $3.60 $36.60
$50.00 $43.50 $6.50 $3.00 $4.80 $57.80
Ticket Service Fees
Ticket Face Value Fee Per Ticket
$0.01 – $9.99 $1.75
$10.00 – $14.99 $2.00
$15.00 – $9999.99 $3.00

*Fee are non-refundable and non negotiable

Services provided by Ticketwise include:
Online (Internet) Ticketing
Box Office Sales (Based on Gayety theatre box office hours)
Phone line ticket sales centre
Mobile Ticket Delivery
Point of Sale Terminal

Gayety theatre Facility Fee:
Ticket Face Value Fee Per Ticket Percent Per Ticket
$0.01 – $9.99 $2.40 24%
$10.00 – $14.99 $2.70 18.01%
$15.00 – $30.00 $3.60 12%
$30.00 – $80.00 $4.80 9.6%
$50.00 – $80.00 $6.60 8.2%
$80.00 – $100.00 $7.80 7.8%

*Fee are non-refundable and non negotiable

Gayety Production Inc. and/or Ticketwise may not be held liable for damages, expenses or losses incurred by use of this service.

Please note reconciliation of event may take 5 to 7 business days.

Printing Services
Ticket printing is available locally at the theatre. Tickets printed in quantities of 10 but may not exceed 200 per event.

Cost To Print
A $25 set up fee plus $0.10/ ticket will be charged.

Ticket Printing Conditions

1. When a printed ticket is requested by applicant to sell “in-hand” this ticket is considered purchased by the applicant.
2. All tickets not sold must be returned to the theatre.
3. Lost or unaccounted for tickets will be considered sold and charge in full.
4. All tickets sold or not sold are due before the start of the event.
5. Revenue received from “in-hand” sales is due three days prior to the event.

*Failure to return revenue will result in access to the venue to be restricted.

Technical specifications must be received at least 14 days prior to the performance date. The Applicant is responsible for the provision of any additional equipment or resources. Specifications must be forwarded in writing to the Theatre at 14 days in advance of the event.

The concession stand will be available at no additional cost for your event. The stand will be run by Theatre Staff and all product sold will be paid directly to the concession staff. Outside “food and beverages” are not permitted in the Theatre unless express written permission has been obtained well in advance for your event.

In consideration for the use of The Historic Gayety Theatre, the Applicant agrees to abide by the following Terms and Conditions:


(1) The Applicant understands that the facility being rented is provided with a standard of furnishings to be established by Gayety Productions Incorporated and that the provision of additional equipment or the rearrangement of existing furnishings or equipment may be undertaken at additional expense to the Applicant.

(2) The Applicant agrees to abide by the theatre capacity limit of 325 people.

(3) In functions, which involve the service of prepared food, drink or alcohol, the Applicant agrees to abide by all of the LLBO rules and regulations involved in the service of alcohol.

(4) The Applicant undertakes to observe all rules and directions that are imposed by Gayety Productions Incorporated generally or specifically in respect of the space which is being used.

(5) Gayety Productions Incorporated reserves the right to refuse or withhold services if payment has not been received prior to the event or a certificate of liability can not be shown.


(1) To indemnify and save harmless the Gayety Productions Incorporated or its agents from all claims as a result of bodily injury or death to any person or persons or for damage to property of others arising out of the Applicant’s use of our facility as aforesaid, however caused.

(2) The Applicant agrees to comply with all applicable municipal, provincial and federal government laws and regulations.

(3) To indemnify and save harmless Gayety Productions Incorporated or its agents for any debt or other monetary obligation incurred by the Applicant before, after or during use of the facility foresaid.

(4) To reimburse Gayety Productions Incorporated for any loss or damage to property arising out of their occupancy, however caused.

(5) To provide at its own expense the necessary safeguards to protect the Applicant’s property where left overnight in the facility.

(6) To abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario.

(7) Any changes made to theatre lighting, sound or other technical equipment or stage must be restored to their standard house positions and be in the same condition as when the Applicant entered the facility at the start of the rental period. If the Applicant has not met all of these obligations the actual technician time required to do so will be added to the final invoice.

(8) To acknowledge that Gayety Productions Incorporated cannot guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity, water, heat, air conditioning or other utility and that the Applicant will save harmless Gayety Productions Incorporated from any claim of damage arising from a loss of a utility. Gayety Productions Incorporated will be diligent in restoring any interrupted utility where it is in their power to do so.


(1) A Gayety Productions Incorporated policy state that a Theatre Operations Technician be present at all times the Theatre is being used. If additional technician(s) are required, there is an extra charge for this. Theatre Operations retains the right to determine if extra technicians are required.

(2) Rental time includes all set-up and strike time.

(3) Rental time is charged from the time that show personnel enter the theatre until the time show personnel leave the theatre. The Applicant is responsible for policing this.

(4) Minimum charges are applicable for both rehearsals and performances.

(5) Food Services within the Gayety Theatre must be approved by Gayety Productions Incorporated prior to any event. No food services, commercial or otherwise, are allowed under this contract unless permission is expressly granted. Any person violating these terms will be asked to remove their product from the theatre.

(6) The Applicant agrees to provide a minimum of 2 ushers on site, plus one (1) usher per 100 where the house size exceeds 200 people. These ushers are required to enforce seating and safety regulations.


Gayety Productions Incorporated reserves the right to terminate this agreement without prior notice and without refund of booking deposit if in its opinion the Applicant has in the rental contract provided false or misleading information, or the Applicant has defaulted in providing anything required by the rental contract, or the Applicant is in breach of any term or condition of this agreement.

This contract may be cancelled by the Applicant upon giving written notice to the Gayety Productions Incorporated at least 60 days prior to the function, and in such case the Gayety Productions Incorporated will refund all monies less the non- refundable deposit and any expenses incurred on behalf of the Applicant.


(1) A deposit of $500 ($300 for school groups) per date is required in order to reserve any date(s). DATES WILL NOT BE HELD WITHOUT A DEPOSIT. All deposits by E-Transfer.

(2) By accepting the estimate and/ or invoice The Applicant has agreed to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in ‘The Historic Gayety Theatre Terms and Conditions’.


(4) Technical specifications must be received at least 14 days prior to the performance date. Gayety Productions Incorporated includes the existing house lighting and the existing house sound system (plus in house mics & monitors, etc) in the base rental rate. The Applicant is responsible for the provision of any additional equipment or resources. Specifications must be forwarded in writing to the Theatre at 14 days in advance of the event.

(5) Six (6) seats will be retained as house seats by Gayety Productions Incorporated.

(6) HST (13%) is applicable on all Theatre Rentals and will be added to the final total.

(7) All payables to be made by E-transfer.

(8) Poster will be posted at The Historic Gayety Theatre if the following conditions are met:
i) Posters size 24″ x 36″
ii) Posters must have Gayety Theatre Logo at least 1″ in size or the wording “At The Historical Gayety Theatre” at least 1″ in size.

(9) Allowance for utilities will be capped at $50.00 per day, any charges exceeding this amount will be invoiced as an additional charge.